On top of writing …


It’s not enough that I have a book to edit as well as one to write from page one, I decided I need more challenges and got a puppy. I’ve been wanting a puppy and since our carpet is trashed thanks to our 16yo “pup” I figured it would be a good time to get the newest member so she’ll be house-trained before we redo the floors.

She’s a cutie, a handful and does NOT like sleeping in her crate at night–which she will eventually have to get used to (even if she has cried ALL night long these first few nights with us).

Her name is Fiona. She’s a 7 weeks old, Wheaten Terrier.

The two other dogs are so not keen on her. I have baby gates up all over the house to keep her from chasing the old girls. It’s been an experience to say the least.

The black one–Zenzi is 16 and the brown one–Trixie is 13 – they are both multi-mutts!


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